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Personal Development Coaching

Personal Development is the process of bringing awareness into your life. Understanding the process of life, your desires for this experience, how to manage the stress of day to day life and big life changes, develop positive outlooks, build spiritual practice, create a healthy body, and more. 

The main areas I work to coach you in creating a spiritually fulfilled life are:

Wellness for the body

Authentic Self Expression

Life Purpose

Spiritual Development

Sessions start with finding where you are in life from within your body, mind, and spirit and how your perceive it looks from outside.  Exploring the areas you would enjoy improving.  Setting intentions on spiritual growth and awareness.  Taking home tools to reach these intentions. 

I work through intuitive conversation, life experience, work experience, and a deep spiritual nature and practice that has been developing my entire life to be able to bring more people into the awareness of themselves and the world around us.  

I give you the tools, but you must be dedicated to doing the work. 

Rates - $125/hr

$160/90 min

Group Sessions (4+) $40/person

Wellness for the Body

The first step in a spiritual process is awareness of the vessel that we are traveling in...your body and mind.  Usually, we find ourselves taking steps to satisfy others in our looks and/or behaviors but it leaves us feeling empty and a consistent need for pleasing others .

How we escape this need to satisfy is by creating an awareness of where we are on a physical and mental level by living a balanced, healthy, and happy life.  

Awareness is the tool for this.  During sessions, you'll learn how to step back from the entrapments of emotional responses and perceived expectations to life.  You'll be given a bag of tools that will further change that ongoing response.  

Sometimes this awareness can bring ah ha moments, it can bring sadness and happiness.  It may even release past traumas and pain.   Most importantly, it can lead to a life of forgiveness, acceptance, love, and growth.  Happiness is found in the awareness of ones self and how we have been treated or responded to life around us does not have to be the way it always is until we pass from this life. 

Authentic Self

Who am I?

The question we ask ourselves and struggle with daily. 

Why do I have to act like that just to be liked or seen?

The reaction to what we feel is a constant pressure to live up to a persona everyone else wants us to be.

I am exactly what they want me to be, why am I still not happy?

The true expression of what it feels like to live other peoples expectations vs being the expression of your own authentic self


To find your authentic self is a path to exploration and expression.  

Our experience in life, our lessons to learn, our people we want to interact with, should all come from the expression and growth of our authentic self. 

Some people refer to the authentic self as archetypes.(the hero, the healer, the lover, etc)  Archetypes are expressed from the events of the  past and how we have decided to be effected by those events.  The self can outgrow or embrace the archetype in order to find a deep meaning in our lives to expand our experience.  

Tap into your authentic self. 

Become aware of the path that you choose and don't allow it to be chosen by the events of your past.  

Life Purpose

I see people every day being driven by money, success, social hierarchy, control, and illusionary importance.  It truly is a tale as old as time and we see it as a theme on tv, our daily lives, politics, religions, and so much more.  From the small places in life that seem unimportant to the parts that are supposed to have the deepest impacts on our lives.  Our purpose is driven by others and not our own free will. 

Finding purpose in life is the driving force of most peoples unhappiness.  It leaves us depressed when we can't find it, confused when we have lost it, disassociated from our community when the "important" people are disappointed in our paths. 

First and foremost, know that your life purpose can change throughout life.  You get to choose that purpose.  You get to set the parameters to that purpose.  You get to embrace whatever purpose you choose to live!

Finding purpose is the next step after finding your authentic self.  Its the step that should bring happiness first and foremost.   Applying the authentic self to your life, your community, and your career is a key factor in living happily and embracing a purpose for being here.  

Know that some years and stages in life we are creating larger purposes and other times the purposes do not seem as important, but they all are.  Some years are for quiet contemplation and reset, some years are for pushing ahead and effecting the larger community around us.  

Spiritual Development

We all reach a point in our life where we feel the call to slow down within.  To take flight from the stresses of our social requirements and norms and find a peace within that helps us maintain throughout the rest of our life.  

Spiritual development coaching is about finding a path for you and learning what you believe in.  Learn to know where your motivations come from, where your calling and destiny arises, what spiritual paths can help you and how to harness abilities of the energy and spirit that you weren't even aware of.  

Spiritual development is about becoming spiritual aware.  Quit living life without knowing what's within this vessel of body and mind.  Using the tools we've created in physical/mental wellness, authentic self expression, and life purpose, you'll find a path that is fulfilling and full of growth and happiness. 

Some Tools You'll Learn To Use Along Your Path

Self Awareness techniques
Emotional Awareness techniques
Energy Centers and Energy Clearing
Intention Setting
Self Realization techniques

Spiritual Practices

Physical Wellness Practices

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