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About Christopher

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My goal is simple: Help clients grow as aware beings, heal their bodies, and create health and wellness through holistic approaches.  With 16 years of massage experience and a life long journey of wellness, meditation, self awareness, and yoga/fitness practice, I bring you my services to help improve your mind, body and spirit. 


I specialize in several  different areas of the holistic, healing arts and I bring them together to help my clients get out of a state of pain, stress and discomfort. Starting my career off, I practiced mainly in medical and therapeutic massage and personal training.  This was a great introduction into the needs of my clients and how life effects their bodies.  Eventually, I was led into a deeper path and started branching out into Thai massage and energy work.  This allowed me to see how life's stress effected my clients energetically.  Eventually I started teaching meditation and yoga practices.  This led me to realize the need for spiritual growth and the deepest underlying issues in the human world and how it stresses the mind, body and spirit connections.   


I use both scientifically sound techniques as well as intuitive guidance to lay out the groundwork for my clients treatment plans.  My experience with client sessions lead my mind and energy to the areas that need to be addressed during my work.  Many of my clients like to comment on how I always seem to know what the right path to take...and there never seems to be anyone lacking for this experience!


Most people come to see me for my knowledge in massage and bodywork and once they see the benefits and knowledge at hand, they begin to go deeper in their healing process.  Leading them to meditation, yoga, or deeper energy healing sessions.  No matter what is presented to me, I want to make sure I make an impact with the wellbeing of my clients.  


Explore my website and services.  Listen to your intuition.  If you find something that sounds like its the service you need and want, then jump in and book that first appointment.  You can always reach out to me at 504--224-0572 to ask any questions you'd like.  


The Studio 

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