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Therapeutic Meditation

Before our society was full of tasks, expectations, and worries, we took time to be in the moment and to acknowledge what is happening around us .  This is the basics to meditation.  Surprisingly, it isn't easy for people to just sit and be.  Learning from someone that you can count on to guide you along your meditation and/or spiritual awareness journey can make all the difference.  Meditation can the advance to deeper states of awareness once you have the basics down.  Please see below for the different ways that you can learn meditation with me.  If you have any questions, just let me know!

Beginning Meditation

Learning to sit and be quiet with yourself seems silly, right?  But, when was the last time you did it successfully? We all start and finish and restart on our experience of life.  So, starting from scratch is just the right place to be sometimes.  Learn the basics:

  • Breathing correctly

  • Proper postures

  • Ways to meditate

  • Problem solving meditation

Path to awakening

This also can sound silly to many, especially those who have spent their lives in a belief system that does not include inner wellness.  Path to awakening is a dedicated path with me to learn self awareness and how to overcome our learned patterns and drop the veils of ignorance that society has taught us.   Path to awakening leads to changes in your internal dialogue, control of your day to day mood, compassion for others, empathy, awareness of energy and much more.  No matter where you are in the world(as long as we can communicate) I can be a guide to your awakening and self awareness. 

This path is for students who want regular teachings, one on one instructions, and become more involved in the practice.  

Message me about following this path. 

Guided Therapeutic Meditation

Guided therapeutic meditation is an outcome based meditation.  

Most have a thought in mind to why you want to meditate.  It can be to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, be more aware of your body/mind connection, have more energy, sleep better.  The list goes on.  

The guided part is having an instructor like Christopher who can adjust your treatment session to your needs, give you skills to take home to practice, and make proper adjustments to your practice as you grow.  

Overall, this is a great step after you have worked through the beginners meditation practices.  

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