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Movement is the key to healthy living and longevity.  

Freeing our movement patterns means freeing our emotions, our stress, and limitations.

My movement therapy practice evolves around three modalities of movement: 


Qi Gong


Each one focuses on the specific boundaries and whole body health.  The outcome is to create a free moving body that is  strong and out of pain.  Great for those suffering from chronic pain, injury, health conditions improved by movement, and much more

A movement therapy session can incorporate any or all of these modalities depending on the needs of the client.


Listed below is a little information about each one and how they can help you reach a free moving and stressless lifestyle. 


Movement Therapy with Wise Wolf


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that has evolved over the centuries to be what you see today.  Yoga can be strengthening or releasing, invigorating or relaxing, and challenging or meditative.  Using body positioning that can transition to and fro, yoga creates an experience that helps the individual reach and better state of wellbeing.  Below are types of yoga that I teach.  These can be done on there own, as a class, or with other movement modalities listed below. 


Vinyasa Flow

Movement and flow based yoga allows the person to achieve fluidity in their body through consistently moving through poses.  This allows for breathe control, fixing musculature imbalances, clearing the mind through connecting to the body, and strengthening the body and mind.  In it's simplest benefit, its a great workout.  

Beginners Yoga Series

Beginners yoga is for just those people who keep saying I want to do it but no idea what to do.   I have several series for beginner clients:

  • Studio Prep - learn the basics to get you into studio flow classes and confident in what to do when you begin classes. 

  • Deep stretch - this is a series that will help teach you at home poses that you can do daily to keep limber and reduce chances of injury or discomfort.  I take you through the proper form, the actual stretch and the different stages you will feel through the length of time you're in it. 

  • Home practice - learning yoga so you can create your own routines at home. Become knowledgable in many areas of yoga.  This is a long term study for those interested in learning on a student/teacher basis so that you can create a long term growth pattern in your practice. 

Therapeutic Yoga

This type of session is geared towards release and healing,  Its guided to your needs.  So if you have chronic or acute issues that you are dealing with, yoga can help in the therapeutic way.  Some common reasons to do therapeutic yoga are:

  • Muscle imbalances that cause discomfort and injury

  • Weakness in joints and movements

  • High stress levels

  • Health conditions that can be improved with movement and structural release

  • Mood and energy 

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese movement practice.  It has also evolved over the centuries to become what it is today, stemming into many variations and lineages of practice.  In the U.S. you can find many examples of qi gong and different reasons for practicing it.  It can be described as a way to bring balance to the working energies of the body so that you can reestablish a freer way of moving and a healthier life. In my qi gong, we will use 'water' style movements, which is a calming style that helps reset your movement patterns in a gentle manner.  






Some Benefits of qi gong are:

  • Freeing your movement patterns from old habitual movements that cause pain and discomfort

  • Teaching the body new, freer ways to react to stress. 

  • Recover from injury and chronic pain

  • Reduce mental stress and fatigue

  • Learn internal awareness

Screen Shot 2024-04-15 at 11.24.46 AM.png


Mobility is the all about how freely we move while doing tasks.  

Through mobility exercises, you can find more freedom in movement.  

My mobility work involves a combination of stretches with movements.  

This creates healthy range of motion, activates unused and healthy muscle patterns,  and frees the fascia from constrictions

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